Formerly known as Wowdy Webble and assorted pet names. ;) Don't get to play often anymore but continue to enjoy Destiny, Borderlands, and Goat Simulator for times I need to die of laughter. :)

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Acid Zero One

sherpa, being awesome, warlock, hunter, crucible, weeklys


nightfall, raids, hunter, bubble, xbox one, sunsinger

profanity ok, raider, xbox one, hunter, warlock, microphone

xbox one, microphone, weekly challenges, raider, sherpa

raider, mic, pve, pvp, warlock


guardians just want to have fun, epcd - delta force, just good enough to skate by... some of the time

touch of malice, black spindle, strikes, raids, nightfalls, lvl 40


xbox one, titan, hunter

titan, xbox one, sporadic playing times, hunter, parent

casual, mic, pve