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Bravo Company 28 | PC | casual | members: 198 | avg. age: 31 | mics required | London

We're a bunch of like-minded individuals, brought together by playing games. We started this group with The Division, and eventually branched out to other games. We have players from multiple time zones, mainly Europe and US. Average age just above 30 and love to chat, so bring a working microphone! Be sure to install discord for chat/voice and to join us on discord:

Traveler Insurance Agents | Xbox One | private group | casual | members: 49 | avg. age: 33 | mics required | parents | Central Time (US & Canada)

Welcome to the Traveler Insurance Agents. Do you enjoy long walks on the moon... sparrow cruises on mars... annihilation of space deities? You've come to the right place. We're a laid back group of adults based on XBox One exclusively. We love to game and the social opportunities that it creates. We play all avenues of Destiny PvE and PvP. We value having fun above everything, and those of us that are part of the clan are like an online family. Our current members are based in North America (U.S and Canada) and span shore to shore. We use the Discord chat app for clan conversations, daily banter and impromptu events.

Charlie Murphys Angels | Xbox One | private group | casual | members: 47 | avg. age: 29 | mics required | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Welcome to Charlie Murphys Angel’s is a close knit group of friends from all around the world. We have experienced guardians, as well as some fresh faces who need to learn to be legend. We pride ourselves on being a diverse and welcoming group and because of that we have no tolerance for rude and obnoxious offensive behaviour. Such behavior will be responded to by a quick kick in the ass out of our Clan. We are all here for one thing, fun. We hope to continue to grow and expand as one not only one of the best Destiny Clans but group of people you choose to spend your time with.

After Dark Gaming | PC | private group | casual | members: 3 | avg. age: 27 | mics required | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

The group for Mixer Streamer legolicious and After Dark Gaming. We play on all platforms, not just PC.

The Afro Shlags | Xbox One | private group | casual | members: 1 | avg. age: 33 | mics required | London

Just a bunch of people that want to chill out, game and have a good time!!