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Welcome to Bravo 455!

This awesome clan crest created by mtn drewsky94.

Group Description

Bravo Company 455 is a group of adult PvE-focused players that want to have fun and complete both normal-level and endgame content. We pursue exotics, well rolled guns, triumphs, and titles. Group members raid, complete dungeons, nightmare hunts, maximum light level and maximum triumph scores. We also have members that pursue Trials of Osiris and Competitive PvP goals.

New adult players of all skill levels are welcome to the group. We are always looking for new people to play Destiny 2 with.

  1. In addition to joining the group here on The100, new members should join the Discord server. The link to the server can be found in the sidebar or by clicking here. Group discussions occur on the server, NOT on the chat sidebar on this page. Moderators will approve access to the discord server as soon as possible.
  2. Members are expected to play Destiny 2 - solo, with your friends, and with other group members. This can be achieved by posting new sessions or joining sessions made by other group members.
  3. Sometimes, you need a break from Destiny. We won't judge you if you need to leave the group for a while. Come back when you are ready to play again.
  1. Currently, many of the group members live in Eastern North America. Games are often posted to start between 8PM and 9PM EST (GMT-5). We do have members located in other time zones (some in Europe, some in the western US). Post games for times convinient to you, but recognize when others are most likely available.
  2. Be respectful to others by paying attention to the requirements for a posted game when joining it. Some games, especially those labeled Sherpa Requested or Beginners Welcome, welcome all players of all skill levels, while some require experience in the task or a specific light level.
  3. If you need help and currently posted games conflict with your schedule, post a new game with the Sherpa Requested tag. (If you can't find the tag, click "more options >>.")
  4. If you are an experienced member looking to help new members, tag your game with Beginners Welcome.
  5. At the beginning of a season (and during certain points based on the season's progression), members will be focused on new or time-limited content. Games for older content may not attract many players in those times. 
  6. If a game you post or joined has not filled up, don't be discouraged. Keep trying. Discuss what your game needs on Discord as soon as possible.
  7. No explicit gatekeeping. Most activites can be done without the need of a specific loadout or a very high light level. A post for normal-difficulty activities that demand a specific loadout or endgame-tier light level is not allowed. Prestige raids, high-difficulty nightfalls, or games focused on completing a specific triumph are excluded from this rule.
  8. Before posting games, please review your post for accuracy. Double-check that you chose the correct activity, and that you scheduled the right date and time. If you discover an error after submitting or you need to reschedule, you can edit the post.
  9. If you change your mind about joining/posting game or have a last-minute change of plans, please leave the game (if joined) or delete it (if you posted it). Do not leave the game as an empty session.
  10. If you need to leave a game you made and enough people have joined, message them to see if they wish to continue on without you.
  11. If you sign up for a game in reserve, please be available at that time to play.
  12. If people fail to show up for a game session, be sure to mark them as no shows.

To maintain an active userbase, the site has algorithms to remove inactive accounts from groups. Inactive members are removed from groups roughly every 30 days.

  1. You need to log in and join/create a game at least once in a 30-day period to stay active. No placeholder games will be allowed.
  2. Moderators have the right to remove inactive players from the in-game clan (see below) to ensure that more active players can join.

We have a clan page for in-game clan activities. You may join by requesting access in-game, be invited by another member of B455, or join through here. Moderator approval is required to join the clan.

  1. Be respectful of your fellow guardians, follow common courtesies, and be civil to them even if you disagree with a strategy for an encounter.
  2. Be respectful of members' schedules - be on time for your games and games you join.
  3. We all will have interruptions during games at times. Let your fireteam know when you need to go AFK and (if possible) when you'll be back.
  4. Please try to keep background noise to a minimum when gaming. We do recognize that some noises (e.g., family) are unavoidable. If a fireteam member's volume is too quiet or too loud, let them know since they should be able to adjust it and make the gaming experience more successful and enjoyable.
  5. Our clan is a diverse group with guardians from all walks of life in many parts of the world (though primarily in North America). We do not tolerate hate speech.
  6. Hate speech in Bravo 455 includes, but is not limited to the following types: racimd, seximd, homophobia, transphobia, politically-charged trolling, and extreme tribalimd. A moderator can provide a more detailed list on request.
  7. Please be a decent human being and not a jerk. No one wants to play with a jerk; it ruins the fun. Failure to act like a decent human being to your fellow guardians will result in a warning and repeat offenses will result in removal from all B455-affiliated groups and Discord servers.
  8. Remember, don't be a "jerk" and you'll fit in just fine.
  9. If there is a member violating the hate speech rule and you do not feel comfortable calling them out, you may privately message a moderator either through Xbox Live or Discord, and we will act accordingly.
  1. The golden rule of Bravo Company 455: If someone dies in a stupid, hilarious, or absurd way, you must teabag them.
  2. If you are a titan, you should always have shoulder charge on and attempt to launch fireteam members off the map.

Upcoming Games

No upcoming games currently.

Most Active Members

raid veteran, pve, parent


parent, hunter, mammal, sherpa

warlock, xbox one, pvp


sherpa, yes,if you hear it,i am most certainly watching rick and morty, profanity and liquor is almost certain, everything you said,is what she said, pvp? no please i suck


pve, profanity ok, mic


average raider, profanity ok, pve

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