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Welcome to Delta 64!

Join Our Destiny 2 Clan!

D2 offers a ton of benefits to clan members including Legendary Engrams when any clan fireteam completes activities. Check out the full skinny here.

We realize you might already be a part of a clan and that's cool too, joining our clan is completely optional for D64 members. But, the more the merrier! Apply on today.


Existing members! Be sure to use the "promote group" link at the top of the page to spread the word about how awesome we are and invite new members. The more active folks we have in our midst, the more fun all of us will have in the game.

Upcoming Games

No upcoming games currently.

Most Active Members

titan, warlock, hunter, casual


microphone, warlock, pvp, hunter, sherpa, titan

microphone, ps4, pdq, asap. wtf?


sherpa, pve, profanity ok, raider


og thunderdomer, sherpa, relax

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