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The100 site explicitly states it is not an LFG. Games should have a few hours lead time. Typically for raids you need at least 24hrs.

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Reminder Life happens! If plans change for an scheduled event please message everyone signed up so they aren't left waiting without any sort of invite or idea what's happening.

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Below are just some basic rules. It's nothing crazy, but you are expected to follow them.

  1. Use the Discord Server! We don't monitor the chat here.
  2. Stay active. We do regular purges here and on Discord.
  3. If you're a new member you need to create/join a game asap. Non-active noobs are deleted after 3 days.
  4. Don't bring drama to the group!


pvp, raider, warlock, titan, sherpa, hunter

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The Purgening... Join up or be purged from the group.

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3dog, raid, warlock, titan, pvp, pve

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