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Sweeper Bot Local 832
BC832 Screenshot courtesy of @Ramrod_McGee. Message @Ramrod_McGee with your own awesome shots.


Joining the SBLU832

SBLU832 is invite-only effective 2018-10-03, and is not actively accepting new applications for clan membership at this time. All invitations must be referred by active members in good standing.

To get to know us, and the active members, join us on discord and scheduled games on


Zap Barnacle: But sometimes guys who look like hobos are not geniuses.


@Ramrod_McGee enjoyed the final kill the most.
Videos selected from the "Moments" tab above or nominations linked to in the chat.

- We're all here for fun, be nice. (don't be a dick!)

- If you're running late or need to miss a game you signed up for, message the group using @mentions in the game-chat.

- Leave the games flagged as "Group Only" until at least 2 hours before your game starts. This promotes playing with consistent group of people and members of the group!

Main farva
Ramrod McGee


titan, parent, like a rock (when jumping), approaching positive debt/asset ratio, sherpa, i take bad destiny pics

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This group is full, but you can automatically join a similar one!

Main 7gxwxt3


spacemagic, sherpa, microphone, hambands, letsstartagang, week nights

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pve, play 10+ hours a week, adults only, microphone required

Main file

profanity ok, pve, hunter, titan, parent, relic runner

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KoG Beast

talkative, college student, profanity ok, pvp, student, pve

pve, raid rookie, pvp

Main cubslogo

profanity ok, pve, parent

Main delta can small

pve/pvp, mic, hunter, titan, warlock, potty mouth