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Weekly Events

Nightfall: FALLEN S.A.B.E.R.

Epic, Airborne, Catapult, Match Game, Fresh Troops

Weekly Crucible (1): ZONE CONTROL

6v6. Simplified scoring. Only way to get points is by capturing, and defending each zone. Kills will NOT award points.

Weekly Crucible (2): MAYHEM RUMBLE

Free-For-All. Greatly decreased cooldown times. Watch your back, kill everything.

King's Fall Challenge: ORYX

Players must accumulate a total of 16 blights and detonate them all at the same time. Tip: When detonating, leave one person with ToM shooting Oryx's chest to keep it open (hard mode only) or he will NOT take damage and the challenge will fail.

Daily Events


Fight through the Black Garden and destroy its heart.

Crucible: RUMBLE

Free-For-All. Every man for himself, watch your back, kill everything.


A new patch that mainly applies to The Crucible is coming today. If you won't be home around the usual time, leave your consoles on Rest Mode..

Upcoming Games

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