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 |  u s e l e s s  | 

|  u s e l e s s  |   is a clan made up of many different types of people that all share a love for Destiny. We team up to take on the most difficult challenges the game has to offer; from PvP to PvE and all the various animal error codes in between.
Join a game or two and see what we're about!

House Rules

• Hate speech such as racial, homophobic, misogynistic slurs and/or harassment of other members of our community is not tolerated. First offense will get a warning. Second offense will result in a permanent ban.

• As with any group of people, conflict can potentially occur. If someone has an issue with another individual, it should be worked out privately with only those that are involved. If necessary, bring in an admin to mediate the disagreement.

• We were all noobs once - if you're hosting a guided game or setting up a game on the100/Slack, we ask that you don't have unnecessary restrictions that need to be met in order to join (weapon/emblem requirements, certain number of clears, etc.)

• Lastly, if you join a game (either one you're hosting or someone else’s) please make every effort to honor this commitment. We fully understand life happens, so if you have a last minute issue we ask that you inform the others in your team as soon as possible so they aren't scrambling for a replacement. An admin will talk with anyone consistently dropping from games and/or not showing up.

• If you have any issues with the group or any of these guidelines, please message an admin directly.

Slack Channel
We have a Slack channel that is used to arrange pick-up games, discuss strats and send photos of tacos. While participating in slack is not mandatory, it is highly recommended – it’s the main communication tool of the clan and it’s one of the best ways to get to know everyone fast and be a part of the group. For an invitation to Slack, please send an email address to kitten_mittons02 via PSN. Or Click here and fill out the google form to get an invitation to the channel.

Bungie Clan
We are a close knit, supportive group of teammates and friends. While we are always looking to add new members to the clan, we want to make sure a prospective member will have a positive influence on the group. As such, clan invitations are extended based on recommendations by existing members, or getting to know the clan by hanging out in Slack and playing some games with us. Clan invite questions/requests should be directed to BrownGargantuan via PSN or Bnet message.



relic, raider, bridge idiot dispatcher, hunter, warlock, titan

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relic, raider, bridge idiot dispatcher, hunter, warlock, titan


sherpa, look at that camping ass bear, git gud ursine scrub, sorry for rocking jester apogee, not sorry for rocking jester apogee, charming as hell, raider


raider, pve, pvp, beer connoisseur, profanity ok

raid, weekly challenges, pve, warlock, parent

xbox one, warlock, microphone, titan

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sherpa, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, hunter, warlock, titan

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