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Guardians are warriors forged in the Traveler's Light, a final hope in a universe falling into Darkness.

Don't be a dick, we kick dicks.

What is the Forged Light Group? It's a group of guardians of parents, students and all others. We exist for the sole reason we were tired of trying to put LFG's together and wanted to find other casual, chill and no rage gamers who play nice with others.

While this has been founded on the premise of Destiny it's not the only game we play, and we are always hoping for more people with diverse interests in order to make matchmaking easier and gain a few friends in the process.

We have all age groups and skill levels. So if you are joining a party with younger guardians, just be prepared for endless talking and pointless banter. Also we just ask when our younger guardians are asking for help and in the party we keep the continuous profanity derp talk to a minimum.

Founders Cykopat, QueenofHeartz78, Jibbafied
Bungie clan: 12/01/2014
The100 group: 10/01/2016

Our Mission: Read about it here

Bungie Group: Show your support and join the official Bungie group

Bungie Clan: After joining the official Bungie group, click the 'interact' button to join the Bungie clan. Joining the clan adds the clan name to your in game emblem, and makes you eligible for clan achievements.

Weekly reset: Tues 2am PT
Gunsmith orders: Weds 2am - Sun 2am PT
Xur: Fri 2am - Sun 2am PT
Trials: Fri 10am - Tues 2am PT

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