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Welcome to EC59!

We have active members which span all time zones in North America, and play on both PS4 and PC (but mainly PS4). We are a group of busy adult gamers and so most of our clan playtime happens in scheduled the100 sessions on weekends or weeknights between 6 PM and 10 PM Pacific (8 PM-12 AM Central, 9 PM-1 AM Eastern). We are generally laid back and willing to teach people things.

For the full EC 59 Experience

  1. Join our Discord Server. We use it for text and voice chat.
  2. Join our Destiny 2 Clan here. We leave space for anyone from the100 to join.
  3. Post or join a game. 95% of our clan activity happens in scheduled the100 games.

Guidelines for Posting and Joining Games

  1. Hosts should pull people from the waitlist first, followed by reserves if someone does not show up for a game.
  2. If you join a game, even on the waitlist or reserve, plan to be available when the game starts. . If a time is not going to work for you, please leave the game as soon as you know.
  3. If a Host leaves a posted game, they should let the other people in the game know (use @all to notify everyone in the game). The next person in the game should host the game.
  4. If a game is made and the host already has some spots filled, that means they only need a few for their game. This is okay.
  5. Post more games. More games = more chances for people to join = more active clan members which really cuts down on the need for the above guidelines.




ec59 mod, wipe causer, profanity welcomed and encouraged

Upcoming Games

  • 07:00 PM PDT - WED 04/14
  • PC
  • Echo Company 59
  • Power Level 1325+
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3

Since I finally made it to 1325...would love to try it for the weekly seasonal. Unless it's Omnigul on Arc burn week. Then I may suddenly come down with a fatal illness...

  • 07:00 PM PDT - FRI 04/16
  • PC
  • Echo Company 59
  • Mic required
  • 5 Players / 6
  • 4 reserves

Friday Night's PC Event! Raid, then Lt Daniks x3 for Rockets for those that need them. Priority to the Eyes of Tomorrowless, then fill in from the waitlist. ByoB and IB after... maybe IB...

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raider, pc, pve, sherpa, ps4, pvp

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