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Hello new guardians! We hope you don't screw this group up. Join game sessions. Make new sessions. And make some new friends. The ol(d) timers here always enjoy raiding/NFing(nightfalling-wait, is that even a word?)/PVPing with new people. We recently underwent a name change and created a new clan. If you wish to join Grab Life By the Cabals simply go to the link provided or punch Jake in the face. Either one works.

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Lets spice up this group

GLBTC is now openly looking for members who want to write articles for....fuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Its come to my attention that we have become dry and stagnant. If you have an idea about a segment you would like to do, post it in the chat or Email me at eas[email protected]. We will discuss details and protocol.

Grab Life By the Cabals Fantasy Football

Ok if we are serious about doing this fantasy football thing we have to get on this soon. Here is a survey, really its just a medium for me to collect emails privately. You will have 48 hours to complete it if you want in. The draft will be Wednesday August 31st at 830pm EST. If we dont have at least 8 people, we will not have a league.

Quick Reminder of Basic Group Policies

Mountain View

-If you are hosting a session and have to cancel, that's ok, please post about it in the group. Using @all sends everybody en email. If somebody makes a HABIT of doing this, I encourage members to report them.

-If you sign up for a group and cannot make it, please try your best to remove yourself prior to the start of the event.

-Making yourself a reserve makes you a secondary priority. So please make sure you list your status appropriately when you sign up.

-The first players to sign up (without the reserve tag) have priority. Please do NOT send invites to reserve players instead of players who sign up first because they are friends. It is first come first serve.

- Don't be a dick. You don't know whats going on in other peoples lives. We are not all LL 335. Be patient, offer solutions.

- If you are going to be late, let members know. It is up to the group leader to decide if they wait for you. They may also decide to rip out and burn your entrails. Either way I don't really mind.

- Session Creators have the right to start the event as soon as it is the listed time. It would be a preferable if you are willing to be flexible with players arriving late, but its your session and your say.

- Session creators have every right to boot players during an event if they are abusive or offensive. Do NOT boot players just because a buddy comes on, or you think it would be funny.

-Don't join a group if the session creator specifically lists a requirement. It might not always be fair, but that's their prerogative. If you have any questions, post in the sessions chat or the groups chat. We are happy to answer questions, we are not happy when you say you have cleared Oryx, but jump off the platform when he comes to your pillair. (You mean we're not supposed to do that?)

-You must give Pythyan your first born child. That is all.

Grab Life By The Cabals Streamers
Pythyan's Stream
ShadowKing's Stream

Bromance of the week
Now accepting submissions!

Want to add anything? Just say it in the chat and one of the Mods will add it in.

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warlock, 1813, profanity ok, casual

raids, pvp, trials


pve, pvp, no rage plz

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