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BetaMax Clan

Clan Description

We are a UK based clan of mostly 25y/o + Destiny 2 players that play both PvE and PvP. We tend to skew toward Endgame PvE content and casual Control/Iron Banner stacking with some Trials on the Weekend. We are small/medium sized clan. If you are looking to join send us a message on the100 or request to join the group. .

m-m1015 :
Mophead :

Please ensure your the100 profile name is the same as your bungie name so we can find you on Destiny!


Clan Rules

Common sense rules:
* Dont be a douche...simples.


* Toxicity sucks…no one wants or needs it. Play nicely, be accommodating, listen when you need to learn and explain patiently when you need to teach. We wont give second chances…first strike, for any form of toxicity, and you’re out… respect people for how they need to be communicated with and what their preferred handle/name/pronouns etc.

* As a new recruit, please actively get involved with other clan members by joining activities via the100 group or hook up for spur-of-the-moment activities via the lfg channel. The onus is on you the New-Recruit to get involved by joining or setting up activities and playing with the existing clan members.

* Being part of a Destiny clan is all about getting involved with your clan members. Please join and/or set up activities (best place to do that is the100 or lfg) - the more you play with the clan, the more you’ll get out of it. If you choose to play solo most of the time that's okay--just try to join up on some clan activities/at least be active in the Discord

* Inactivity… We're not task masters, nor are we personal assistants. We want you to get involved with the clan under your own steam! If, as Admin, we feel we are spending too much time trying to get you involved with the clan or there is no noticeable effort on your part to involve yourself, we will take the line of least resistance and remove you from the clan. 'Why?' you ask: See the previous point about being part of a clan.

* Fromage or not to fromage?! Crack on...everyone likes a good cheese, the riper the better! We don’t, however, condone any form of cheating. Please don’t do it - it’s bad for the community and game and will not be tolerated in this clan



hunter, weekly challenges, raider, ps4, microphone, warlock

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hunter, weekly challenges, raider, ps4, microphone, warlock

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