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New York city has collapsed. An unprecedented pandemic has led to the collapse of society as we know it. The Strategic Homeland Division are it's last hope. A division activated to save what remains.

Welcome to AGENTS OF S.H.D.


The Agents of S.H.D. group brings together like-minded older gamers who enjoy helping others achieve their goals of completing end game content in a fun, yet professional manor. We aim to never leave a fellow gamer behind, and assist all members who ask for an extra hand in their activities. Our group is very laid back, patient, and always willing to help. We play the game as intended and for fun.

New to Some tips to get the most out of your time here.


To make your time here enjoyable and your gaming sessions successful we expect all members of this group to be aware of the following:

- We do not tollerate angry players, rage quitters or glitchers. You will be removed from this group for this behavior.
- If you join a gaming session, the expectation is you will be available at that time. If you can't make it, remove yourself from the gaming session as soon as possible so other members can join.
- If you are going to be late, send a message to the leader or post a message to the gaming session chat. Be aware you can be reported for a "no show".
- If you do not participate in a session for 30 days, will automatically remove you from the group to allow other members to join.


The following intel and field data has been collected to make your Agents journey a success:
- Agents of S.H.D. on Twitter and Instagram: Images of daily Appearance Vendor items and game graffiti.
- The Division official website
- r/TheDivision
- The Division Agent: Interactive Map showing all named bosses and hidden treasures.
- The Division Reset Timers
- The DZPD
- Darkzoned: Blueprint list and locator.
- The Division Gearing Cheat Sheet
- The Division Community Hubs, Resources and Guides


The information above has been provided to assist you in having fun in The Division. The Division is always changing and we try to keep information as up to date as possible. If there is anything you need help with, have questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us via the chatroom:
Twitter: Agents of S.H.D.
Instagram: Agents of S.H.D.

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recreational mote user, public event sherpa, cryptarch imposter, grasp connoisseur


warlock, titan, hunter, microphone, raider, weekly challenges


defender, alphabridget, pve, parent, sherpa


raids, pve, pvp

microphone, warlock, relic runner


hunter, warlock, pve, titan

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