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Treads Upon Shards (TUSH)

We are TREADS UPON SHARDS [TUSH]. We do it all and we do it for the fun (and loot, of course!)

Hello, and welcome to Alpha Co 328! Like many of you, we joined the100 to find fellow Guardians to shoot Aliens and others Guardians with (and sometimes each other)!

Are you checking out my [TUSH]? Bungie clan membership is not required but highly suggested. The TUSH clan is invite-only, so if you're interested in joining ring out in the the100 or Discord chat.

We've created a 328/TUSH Discord so we can more efficiently notify about game sessions and chat on a better platform. Click HERE to join.

We hope you enjoy your time here with us 328 Guardians!

Thank you.
- rohh147, Dozer028, Expired_AF

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raid, titan, pve, profanity preferred

xbox one, pve/pvp, parent


pvp, pve, sherpa, raid professional

swear like a sailor, pve, pvp, i'm gonna clutch it

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