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Welcome to The Madness of Gilgamesh!

First and foremost, The Madness of Gilgamesh is an Xbox Destiny community of players who just love to play Destiny. Our 100. io group and Discord have players from multiple clans and some choose to have no clan at all, but Madness welcomes everyone.

We participate in every aspect of Destiny from raids to Trials to chasing triumphs and titles. We have no clan or activity requirements, and our rules are limited to mutual respect and have fun.

We utilize The for formal scheduling and LFG (when needed), and we use Discord for informal fireteams and random teaming up as well as all our Destiny chats about builds, news and the occasional boast! While Discord is not required, it is STRONGLY encouraged to make sure everyone is aware of their many options to team up. (Not all activities end up in The100, after all...)

If that sounds like a community you'd be interested in, join us here on, click the Discord link below to start chatting, and, if you need a clan, click the link below that and head on over to our official clan page.

Eyes up, Guardian!





xbox one, beginners welcome, casual, competitive, pve, pvp

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sherpa, xbox one, profanity ok, casual, adults only, microphone required

pve, pvp, parent, veteran


pvp, raid runner, relic runner, pve, touch of malice

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