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Tuesday, November 26th

February 15th - 22nd: D1G1TAL M0NKEY

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The Raids have a long history of bugs and cheeses. In BC689, we adhere to a specific code when speed running them. If doing a speed run of a Raid (including a Raid Race) then please send a moderator the Destiny Tracker link of the completion.

All members need to be a part of BC689.

Click for the BC689 Speed-Run Raid Rules



um bongo drinker, pushes guardians off cliffs, former hide and seek champion

Upcoming Games

  • 05:00 PM CDT - WED 06/30
  • Xbox
  • Ben Company 689
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 28 waitlist
  • 6 reserves

BC689 News Alerts. Allow email or push notifications to be up to date in the group. Mods will post announcements (raid races, group firsts, etc.) using the @all tag for those that join.

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sherpa, microphone, hunter, bladedancer, gunslinger, the earl of mars

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