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Home of the 90-minute Raid Group™!

We're a group of mostly mature gamers with real lives, foul mouths, and gaming "problems."

Our therapists don't seem to mind.

We're mostly Eastern time-based and on in evenings & late nights. We pride ourselves on being an open, friendly, drama-free group who definitely aren't top tier, but play enough that we probably should be by now.

If you're looking for a home with a group who understand that life happens, but will still be there for you when you can find a minute to hop on, join up! We're ready and waiting for you.

Ground Rules

  1. Respect is king here. We are a group of adults, and we expect you to act like one. We will not tolerate discrimination, bullying, harassment, or other manners of disrespect based on sex, gender, creed, nationality, etc. (Sarcasm is encouraged; malevolence is not)
  2. Be flexible. Everyone has lives, and everyone at some point will need some leeway. Treat your clanmates with the same grace and dignity you'd want.
  3. Profanity is not only allowed, but rampant. Please be aware that there will be swearing to varying degrees based on alcohol consumption.

Sound like you?

Join us on Discord.

Join us for a game.

We typically don't bite.



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profanity ok, ps4, technology, play 10+ hours a week, beginners welcome, adults only

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