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This group is for members of only. If you are not a member of please go join and put yourself on a master list (links below), then you will be approved for joining this group.

Feel free to post a job, mission, raid or anything you want help completing, and post it for whatever time you wish... games need not follow the specified times that you see stated above.. If you post it, they will come.... :) Have fun!

A few tips for posting..

  1. If you give a day or two notice on your game post, it will give more GS'ers time to see it and join up.
  2. There is a checkbox on the Create Game screen labeled "Group Only". If you check that, then the game will show up only for our Gunslingers group. If that box is left unchecked, then the game will be public and lots of randoms and squeakers will probably join. Up to you which you do.
  3. While most of the games posted on here are for Destiny 2 (since Destiny was originally the only game the100 supported), you can post a match for just about any game. More notice might be required for non-Destiny games, to give people time to see it.

Gunslingers XBox One MASTER LIST:

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