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After you've joined the group here on the100, join our clan! Go to or search by clan name Hero Squad.

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Hero Squad?

Session Tips:

The majority of Hero Squad plays in the evenings and weekends EST/CST, most active from 6 p.m. - midnight EST. If you mostly play outside our active times, you might want to join additional 100 groups that fit your available playtimes better. If you do not participate in any group activities for longer than 60 days, you will be removed to make room for more active members but are welcome to re-join at any time.

If your session isn't filling up, you can open it to other groups by unchecking the "group only" option while editing the session, but we ask that all sessions remain set to "group only" until two hours before start time, to give as many Hero Squad members a chance to sign up as possible. We're looking for active clan members who want to play with a consistent group, not just LFG pickups.

Give as much lead time as possible when posting a session, as most of the group tends to schedule activities in advance. And if you are running late, can't make it, or have to reschedule, let everyone know via the session chat (make sure to use the @all tag so everyone sees it).

New to the group? Try joining a few sessions before posting one yourself, especially when it comes to hard mode content. Or try posting some lower-key sessions like strikes or quests/bounties first, it's a great way to get to know folks, and we're always happy to help with exotic quests and other activities you might need a hand with!

Setting some expectations in the session description in terms of experience levels and what kind of run you’re looking for is fine. Overly-aggressive LFG language isn’t cool. We’re a close-knit, welcoming clan, we joke around a lot and do our best to help each other out.

Feel free to create non-Destiny Xbox One sessions!



hunter, scrumtrulescent, titan, parent, warlock, pvp

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raider, hunter, xbox one

parent, raid rookie, weekly challenges, profanity ok

The Rat P4ck

hunter, parent, latenight, nap time gamer

dop3 mell0w

pve, pvp, sherpa


hunter, sporadic playing times, pve, warlock

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hunter, scrumtrulescent, titan, parent, warlock, pvp

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