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Welcome to the PS4 home for r/CruciblePlaybook!

Find dedicated PvP players for your fireteam here: Crucible, Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, and more.

Please do not post games for raids or any other PvE content here; Crucible/PvP only!

Don't forget that for everything crucible related, our own home is at r/CruciblePlaybook!

Trials of Osiris maps and callouts: Trials maps resources

We hope this becomes the best place in the world to learn, tone and enhance your crucible skills.



sherpa, pve, pvp

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No upcoming games currently.

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pc, pve, parent, pvp

hunter, sherpa, warlock

hunter, pvp, microphone


mainly pvp, knows where to see the ahamkara, doesn't really enjoy raiding, profanity encouraged, plays a lot yet not good


raids, long walks on the beach, all of the guns, good communicator, mic, knows how to do things


microphone, weekly challenges, hunter, titan, warlock

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sherpa, pve, pvp

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