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Check below for important messages and weekly reset info!

Greetings Guardians!

We are looking to grow the size of the clan!

Want to join the clan but don't know where to start? Mention me in chat "@Mystic Crewman" and I'll make sure you know what to do.

I am also trying to put together a private match PvP elimination tournament sometime soon, if you are interested message me on Xbox live.

Lastly, for all you achievement hunters out there, the100 is a great place to get together a group to complete the tasks you need to finish. Just create a game and set the activity to miscellaneous and in the description add what achievement you are working towards.

In case you missed it, here is the first teaser trailer for Destiny 2! Full trailer to come Thursday the 30th! Check back here for links to that tomorrow. Who else is excited? Let us know via a post on the clan page!

Thanks for visiting the Frequent Fireteam, and good luck to all you guardians out there!

Join the clan!

Upcoming Events

Age of Triumph launches today! The new event will be quite the closer to your Destiny experience in anticipation of the Destiny 2 release.

Age of Triumph will feature updates to all the raids, bringing them up to 390, as well as new ornaments for all of the updated armor and some of the weapons you can receive from them.

Age of Triumph will bring with it new weekly rituals including a weekly raid filled with all the challenges available in it, and exceptional rewards that drop at max light level. The update will also feature a freshened up Crucible and rotating playlists for all of your PvP needs.

Lastly, Age of Triumph will feature the new Daybreak strike (a mayhem version of the Nightfall), it will also bring back the Nightfall experience buff, so be sure to finish that Nightfall as early in your week as possible to store up more motes of light to upgrade all of your new gear!

Weekly Reset Info

Weekly Crucible: Mayhem Clash

Weekly Heroic Modifiers: Heroic, Arc Burn, Chaff, Catapult

Nightfall: Strike - Tanik's Perfected , Modifiers - Epic, Fresh Troops, Match Game, Catapult, Exposure

Challenge of Elders: Airborne, Exposure, Super Kill Bonus

Raid Challenges
Vault of Glass:
Crota's End:
Kings Fall: Warpriest Challenge
Wrath of the Machine: Vosik's Challenge (normal only?) Heroic (hard mode)

New Member Spotlight

Please welcome to the group: HansBrick Oh No, TRIPPx61, Sense Confusion, AugmentedAura, KazKing54, and pen200; new members here in Charlie Company this month.

Joining us as clan members this month are TRIPPx61, DC FOR REAL, and Globaltrnr. Be sure to add them to your Xbox live friends list, and if you see these guardians out and about in the galaxy give them a friendly wave or an invite to your fireteam!

Have a great week, guardians!

Upcoming Games

No upcoming games currently.

Most Active Members

profanity ok, titan, xbox

Dust II Dust

hunter, sherpa, competent raider!, profanity ok, warlock


chill, support, patient, team player, quest, pve


profanity ok, parent

patient, profanity ok, college student, raid rookie, pve, student

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