Raid - Spire of Stars - Normal

Charlie Company 957

MMXX: Placeholder game for SoS boss checkpoint completions for MMXX title. Join if you need it, or you want to help others take down the boss.

Mic required
Level 750 required
5 Players / 6
12 reserves


Main rms71
suttungur 76561198388100971 creator

sherpa, pve, parent

Main june 26 2012 033
Wind /join 76561198977377188

750 all 3 classes, swordbearer back in the day when we killed crota, sherpa, parent, relic runner, hoping bungie fixes d2

Default avatar
KonkeyDong#11333 LordQuonkey

sherpa, pve, parent, profanity ok, pvp

Default avatar
EnvyTheButt 76561198355702806

raid rookie, profanity ok, pve

Main 1062064
Captain_Phillips /id 76561198142020604

outdoors, traveling, college student, sports, pve, casual player

reserve players:

Main destiny  cute lady warlock by thechrispman d7tb8u6
asianspidey#1771 76561198204725067

profanity ok, pve, pvp

Main vector laughing man logos ghost in the shell 2560x1600
Cheech 76561197968385075

profanity ok, parent, pvp, pve

Main 0d763fc0eec6d4f69fbd3563676ecc3b
gr1mmj0w6 76561197974180242

pvp, parent, pve

Main download
K0atti 76561197997428431

parent, technology, sports, gardening, play 20+ hours a week, pve

Main nexus 1
xaren 4611686018467472110

bungie mentor, sword-bearer, relic runner, team player, less filling, tastes great

Main n7 1920x1080 th02ag1d5m
Primus932 76561197972664633

when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...

Default avatar
Cloudtx 76561197976364536

Main il 570xn.1671630697 ducr
soy 76561197984131447

blueberry but i strive to be more, pve, pvp, raid rookie, profanity ok

Main cowboy hat and lasso olivier le queinec
Doc Hoss 76561198056985493

pve, profanity ok, raid rookie

Default avatar
Patchm00 76561197970304623

pve, pvp, parent, raider

Main 8ad0deac37bcdcc402aa9cc39527846e
Sona#12983 76561198136637591

college student, student, profanity ok, pve

Main r2d2
ElGatoRojo 76561198051303769

parent, sherpa, animal, profanity ok, raider

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