Raid - Garden of Salvation - CP - Sanctified Mind

JJ's Crosstime Saloon

All Titan Garden Party. Been trying to get a group together for three weeks, help meee

Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6


Main 18 10 22 blaise   pepito bell s bend barn
Xar xar_the_guardian creator

technology, sports, traveling, music, play 20+ hours a week, pvp

Main img 0004

pve, parent, profanity ok, warlock, hunter, and titan, but still like to laugh!, not a happy soul,

Main hunterep
Faker_NA Faker_NA

pve, college student, experienced raider, chill and patient, raid completion grinding, collector

Main destiny 2 little light emblem code pre order ps4 xbox pc 202445964787 1  1
SympatheticVirus SympatheticVirus

raid, titan, warlock, raider, hunter, profanity ok

Main acererak

raid, sherpa, pve, parent

Main erik

almighty, savior, undying, reckoner, mmxix, chronicler

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