Raid - Garden of Salvation

JJ's Crosstime Saloon

GOS Sherpa Run. Please have 0-3 clears. Expect 2~ hours to clear the raid. Please bring xenophage/Whisper/1K Voices if you have it. I will explain fights.

Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6
2 reserves


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SleepyE35 creator

sports, music, traveling, reading, outdoors, serious player

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raid rookie, profanity ok, pve

Main 65598139 10102186186836189 2091097732495179776 o
Aetherial_Edge Aetherial_edge

hunter main, chill, raider, pve

Main brian moncus direlock
Lord_Zedo Lord_Zedo

hater of jumping puzzles, warlock elite, profanity ok, raid rookie, reading, play 20+ hours a week

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pve, profanity ok, raid rookie

Main 250px 133eevee

parent, pve, pvp

reserve players:

Main 1fb252cf7961aada42ae26f1396b3d9d
Dragoslove Kumlekar

pve, no profanity, play 20+ hours a week, play 10+ hours a week, casual, committed

Main img 2088

kessler corps, pve

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