Raid - Last Wish

Alpha Company 880

Thousand Voices Farming! This will be weekly till it drops for me. Riven checkpoint 3 times then one run to loot chests. Hop in, have fun, get loot!

Mic required
Level 900 required
6 Players / 6
2 reserves


Default avatar
TolgaDInce creator

profanity ok, sherpa, raid, all classes, pve, pvp

Default avatar
Blackbeard_ace_2 Blackbeard_ace_2

profanity ok, pve, raid rookie

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Vyrtuous Vyrtuous

pve, cc, pvp, sherpa, profanity ok


warlock, titan, hunter

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Julez nice juls_nice

pve, having fun, parent, profanity ok

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reserve players:


titan, sherpa, warlock, hunter, microphone

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