Raid - Garden of Salvation

Sundog Gaming

Fresh run including Divinity. Please be 940+ and have some encounter knowledge, for example Datto's vids. Spot reserved for EdinburghKev

Mic required
Level 940 required
7 Players / 6
1 reserve


Main gorgeous
Createx 76561198025173513 creator

rat king is meta, sherpa, pvp, pve

Main avatar
BAD......... 76561198913880583

eat, sleep, raid, repeat

Main spyro

profanity ok, pvp, pve

Default avatar
USSPikachu 76561198124220072


Default avatar
spicymeatballz 76561198142124722

microphone, ps4, weekly challenges, raid, pvp

reserve players:

Main 500
codeXTC 118812966

profanity ok, pve

Default avatar
EdinburghKev 76561198441449246

microphone, ps4, weekly challenges, raider

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