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  • 03:00 PM EDT - SAT 05/14
  • PC
  • Direct Action [D2]
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 1 waitlist
  • 1 reserve

🇪🇺 🎤 Saturday night EUROVISION SONG CONTEST PARTY raid. Huge pop bangers on the playlist. Huge banter in the VC. We will be raiding whilst live-streaming the Eurovision Song Contest final!🎤 🇪🇺

All players and skill levels welcome! Teaching Dungeon. Doesn't have to be Grasp of Avarice, we can do whatever you want.

Friday night party raid. We will be listening to nu metal because mom's new boyfriend Rhulk can't tell us what to do



microphone, ps4, weekly challenges, raider

[Pathetic] Wallz

titan, adults only, casual, college students, parents, play 20+ hours a week


pc, warlock, hunter, play 20+ hours a week, raider, microphone required