Raid - Scourge of the Past

Sundog Gaming

3x reset runs. Not a teaching run, please be experienced. Come and get your (disappointment out of the way early in the week ) Anarchy.

Mic required
No level required
7 Players / 6


Default avatar
tigerbond#2497 creator


Main r95wo hurmph

what tags

Main f35844a7d248ca7c6f2fedb52d92dd9c

dead, profanity ok, pvp

Default avatar
Lordshu 76561198065732989

pve, profanity ok

raid rookie, only titan

Main gorgeous
Createx 76561198025173513

rat king is meta, sherpa, pvp, pve

reserve players:

Main medrawn

hardcore, no life, pve, pvp, sherpa

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