Strike - Nightfall

Alpha Company 207

Wrapping up some triumphs. I think I need the Pyramidion 50k run and not allowing the boss to be shielded for more than 45 seconds. Plus a Lake of Shadows 50k run. Down for whatever the team wants after. Should take about 30-60 mins. A207 priority.

Mic required
No level required
3 Players / 3
2 reserves


Main image
BigJHawaii77 creator

douchebag, pve, laughs & profanity a must, sherpa

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Velocity_Slug Velocity_Slug

packing an overflowing vault, but still can't delete toothbrush, ramen coupon and scout reports. wltm like-minded guardians for virtual violence and shenanigans., kick, bite, scratch, maul, burn, bludgeon, chop, slash, blast., profanity encouraged

Main screenshot 2017 10 28 18 44 19

raider, hunter, titan, ps4, warlock, sherpa

reserve players:

Main main ghost

tags go here

Main stig 250x p

pvp, pve, hunter main, profanity a must

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