Raid - Spire of Stars - Prestige

Everyday Player In Combat

Sleeper Catalyst. First encounter through jumping puzzle, three times on three characters. Mod: no reserve ammo. Armsmaster: Kinetic=Any, Energy=Fusion, Power=Fusion.

Xbox One
Mic required
No level required
5 Players / 6


Main chibi warlock
JuX0r JuX0r creator

triumph enthusiast/addict, raider, parent

Main giphy
Mr Bunngle Mr Bunngle

profanity likely, holy hand grenade of antioch

Main 00138ni21ty41

team bagger

Main image

warlock, hunter, pve, pvp, titan, gamer

Main xboxlivegt
NizZ8 NizZ8

pve, profanity ok

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