When conflicted, I often ask myself, what would the Honey Badger do ??

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filthy casual, parent, fun, xbox one, hunter, hunter master race

My name is err

parent, profanity ok, i say bad words on twitch streams, microphone, sherpa, warlock

pvp, pve, student

mircrophone, titan 40, warlock 40, hunter 40, kids


pve, pvp, parent, sherpa

pve, perpetual raid noob, friends with a bunch of awesome people, llod member, profanity ok, teamwork

redneck, pvp, pve, profanity preffered

weeklies, pve, pvp, raider

parent, titan, hunter, warlock, pve, xbox one, microphone, pvp

pve, florida, downforwhatever, sporadic playing times, xbox one, microphone