I play to have fun but I also like to get things done. I'll help out when I can. I usually play between 11 pm to around 1:30 am EST.

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parent, warlock, microphone

Bloody Str1ker

hunter, lvl 40, 400 light, relic runner, sword runner, kf relic runner, sherpa, titan, warlock, microphone


sherpa, socal, epic mod, alpha squad admin

Claude Spunkton

#fyp, tut is a lady boy, 250+ raid completions, challenge mode, 150 crota kills, sherpa

FlynJeep oIIIIo

titan, warlock, xbox one, microphone, hunter


epic clan is best clan, pvp makes me salty, meme addict, late night and weekend player, pve, xbox one


raider, sherpa, titan, 3:00 am work start, pvp, pve

been playing since games were monochrome... father of 3, parent

pve, raid rookie, pro fun, wants to learn tactics, profanity ok, noob but can learn!