Always up for raiding with or without your mom, nightfalls, strikes, raids and general help. Don't have a butler like Jester and Tut and Peas are officially an item.

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weeklies, microphone, xbox one, warlock, titan, hunter


warlock, raids, pve


flawless raider, poe god, beast, sherpa, killer, one man army

warlock, microphone, parent, profanity ok

Bloody Str1ker

hunter, lvl 40, 400 light, relic runner, sword runner, kf relic runner, sherpa, titan, warlock, microphone


warlock, titan, patient, pvp, pve, profanity ok

all round helper, new 2 ps4, mic, titan, xbox vet


fyp, slayer of oryx, sherpa, warlock, hunter, titan


xbox one, pve, microphone, 61 yr old gamer

kill them all, let god sort them out.