Xbox one, D1 & D2 mainly PvE , Personality- Quiet, serious about being a casual team player for fun, RL 1st and always Esprit De Corps in gaming & life. Working on getting better at Destiny/gaming without stress, more luck and rising with a laugh when I crash.

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no kids(they would be on the xbox), mic, sporadic playing times


hunter titan warlock, pvp, pve


warlock, raids, teamwork, pve

profanity ok, pve, sherpa


hunter, profanity ok, pve, titan, xbox one, mic


warlock, titan, hunter, profanity ok, xbox one

raid rookie, pve, pvp, ... and now, trials rookie


sherpa, socal, epic mod, alpha squad admin

profanity ok, raider, xbox one, hunter, warlock, microphone

all round helper, new 2 ps4, mic, titan, xbox vet