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The Rat P4ck

hunter, parent, latenight, nap time gamer


jump challenged, pve


profanity ok, support, parent, adam_west impersonation, mickey mouse impersonation, christopher_walken

pve, pvp, parent, veteran


hunter fashion is very important, fusions are the new shotgun, golgoroth is my homie, sherpa, corner person, microphone


hunter, titan, vicv88888 is alt account, warlock

derpa, titan, maxed needler, warlock

handcannon, machinegun, sniperrifle, donttouchme, thorn, alphalupi

pvpeh, titansarecooltoo, iam the new meta, #a c o m b o i s, w e i n t h e r e, pulse rifles

X Viking Jim X

xbox one, raider, pve