Sci-Fi nerd, scruffy lookin' nerf herder, and a legendary guardian in training. I can do some impersonation.

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parent, xbox ambassador


raids, strikes, challenges, pvp, pve, warlock, voidwalker, alt hunter

t.o.m, top notch relic runner!, nightstalker, pve, pvp, sunbreaker

In The Trenches

sherpa, profanity ok, parent, hunter/titan/warlock

titan, profanity ok, pve, parent, warlock


pve, hunter, pve, dad, parent

titan, microphone, defender

girl, pve, lady, parent, hunter, profanity ok

330+, titan, warlock, hunter, pve, raid

Mad Mux

mercy, lucio,, reinhardt, soldier: 76, raider