I am Jack's wasted life. A bad dog (it's a chronic issue) Hunter, Titan, Warlock. Father of a 5 year old tornado on the psycho path.

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iron banner, quest support, sherpa, master hunter, year 1 moment of triumph, raids


king killer, swordbearer, kellbreaker, once killed a thrall, mr solo dolo, rule number one: don't die

hunter, titan, xbox one, warlock


warlock, microphone, parent


vog relic holder, oryx, crota swordbearer, sherpa, flawless raider sherpa, speaker of bad puns

xbox one, weekly challenges, pve, sherpa


Omega Pep

iron banner, pvp, fire breathing warlock, swordbearer, scout rifle enthusiast, titan


pve, pvp, parent

xbox one, hunter, warlock, titan