I fear randoms..I am sorry I sound 13ish but am in my 40's & play by the golden rule(treat others....)

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defender, wolf hunter, bladedancer, microphone, father, crota


titan main, but have a warlock and hunter too.

El Twiz

sherpa, kings fall, sith lord bro, voidbowbro, hammerbro, not a d-bag


raider, all classes, parent, microphone

Hermione dies

pve, profanity ok, sherpa, pvp, raid

warlock, sunsinger, parent, pve, titan, i bite


beer and guns, jumping puzzle aficionado, sherpa, professional daddy, chilled but skilled, skolass kicker

noh face

casual, sporadic playing times, hunter, i don't always kill skolas, but when i do i have a near panic attack, bladedancer, really not good at this game


microphone, warlock, raider, weekly challenges, punchbro

The Fist Lane

chuck norris and i both clog the toilet by going number 1.