Pve solo player trying to find pc players to play with. Raids. Strikes. Farming.

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pve, hunter, x box 360, bladedancer, gunslinger, sherpa


christianmingle.com, farmersonly.com, jdate.com

pvp, profanity ok, college student, pve

Really Anxious

bad juju fanatic, pve, pvp, titan, bubble-beast, shotguns can melt steel beams

warlock sun singer void bringer, microphone, pvp

microphone, sporadic playing times, titan, warlock, casual, voidwalker


#grenadelaunchersasprimaries, #mountaintop, hazy ipa's, raid rookie, royale with cheese, seriously not serious

raid experienced, spindle, tom, adult!


jump challenged, pve

warlock, hunter, raid