I am a Destiny veteran player. My name is Ayman, from Syria. Proudly a member of the "Philosophical Thorium " clan. Let's roll, guardians! ### FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH ### http://twitch.com/AymanJ1

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chilled but experienced


hunter main, profanity expected, pve, parent


parent, raid rookie, profanity ok

trials, sherpa, warlock, titan, nightstalker, bladedancer

filthy casual

king's fall, notasherpa, swordbearer, titan, crota, vog


warlock, hunter, titan, raids

titan 33, warlock 30, hunter 11 lol

Mr daffypyle

sherpa, raid s, pvp, nf, pve, pirate


nightfall, iron banner, poe, crota, vog