I'm usually playing from 7:00AM- 4:00PM EST Mon-Fri. Being a part of 621 is amazing. A great group of relaxed people who look to have fun. Pretty laid back. Learning new strategies from other players is good, though, hands-on is always best for me.

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hunter, warlock, mic, titan

second coming, i am the resurrection, titan, hunter, warlock, pve

hunter, warlock, pve, pvp, weekly challenges, raider

hunter, titan, warlock, raider, microphone, ps4

the old guy..., warlock, ps4


father of the pain, danceoff's, pvp, pve, ps4


pvp, hunter, warlock, titan, have mic, profanity ok, sherpa

hunter, warlock, titan


titan, warlock, ps4, hunter

tom, titan, raider, microphone, spindle