I don't quit Im a good player and I get it done and I only play with good hard working player and I care people

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A Bed Thief

beginners welcome, profanity ok, wolfpack, gaze holder, kf relic runner, pve


sherpa, epic mod, alpha clan admin


raids, xbox one, pve, pvp, centpai


all around titan, sherpa, love me some raidin', pve, ripreslock


striker, xb1, warlock, titan, and hunter, sporadic playing times

xbox one, microphone, parent, warlock

pve, profanity ok, college student

johnny 79 v

op, gjallarhorn, thorn, first curse, touch of malice, black spindle, year one, raider, profanity ok

raids, crucible, hunter, titan, warlock, destiny

profanity ok, casualserious, parent