B445 Sherpa. Laid back and friendly. Likes puns and will occasionally break into song. Mediocre PvPer lookin to git gud. Solid PvEer who has your back in the raids.

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profanity ok, pve, titan, hunter, xbox one, weekends

A Bed Thief

beginners welcome, profanity ok, wolfpack, gaze holder, kf relic runner, pve


hunter cloaks are my spirit animal, i'm bad at this game, pvp, pve, xbox one

profanity ok, casual, xbox one, parents


pvp, pve, profanity ok, ready to help, just call me boardr, parent


raids, xbox one, pve, pvp, centpai

Cliff Addy

destiny day 1 player, 240+ raid clears, proud parent of 5, gamer since '81, mscs, entrepreneur, no profanity preferred, moderately neato


parent, pvp, pve, average ability


play 20+ hours a week, raider, microphone, warlock, hunter, xbox one


profanity ok, warlock, thatcyberguy, microphone optional, beginners welcome, pc