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Upcoming Games

  • 01:00 PM EDT - SAT 05/22
  • PSN
  • Red Rover
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 1 waitlist

Day one clear attempt. Preference to friends and clanmates.

  • 09:30 PM EDT - SAT 05/22
  • PSN
  • Seven of the IX
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 4 reserves

Day one late crew for those who may have to work on Saturday! Priority to Clan then friends!

Recent Games

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pvp, pve, raid rookie, more profanity, d1 fan


profanity ok, parent, pve, pvp, sherpa

profanity ok, parent, have mic., usually free between ~10:00 pm - 1:30 am est.


raidlovinsonuvabitch, titan master race, hunter, warlock, sherpa, profanity ok


beta player, pve, warlock main, titan, raider, end game

stormcaller warlock

bladedancer,gunslinger, hunter, killer with mic, profanity ok, easy going gamer,

raider, parent, pve, pvp, hunter, titan and warlock.

voidwalker, must play with indymason81, striker, nightly

weekly challenges, microphone, parent