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Upcoming Games

  • 05:30 PM PDT - SAT 05/22
  • Xbox
  • Delta Company 396
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 2 waitlist

Clan mates and friends will be be picked first

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twins, just a game, fun first, sherpa, strikes, raids


xb1: darerekt, psn:brownsfan4ver, hunter, pve, parent

Cardoc Ren

titan, warlock, microphone

iron banner, black spindle, pve, pvp, poe


shieldbro, bladedancer, raider, xbone, sherpa, sunbro


titan, warlock, xbox one, microphone, sherpa, parents

Wrench Monkey 1

knight who says "ni", supreme being of astounding awesomeness, raider, swordbearer, all subclasses maxed, hunter

warlock, hunter, xbox1