I used to play D1 on Xbox, but switched to PS4 with Rise of Iron, so the entirety of D2's been on PS4 for me. I main Warlock, but I have a Titan (soon to be 385) and a Hunter (385 going on 390+). I have an active clan of a few members on PS4 that I enjoy playing with, but they aren't always on. I'm looking to play with some Guardians here to supplement those situations. (Note: I also play Warframe on PS4 - currently MR25, so my play time has slowed down lately.)



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lets have fun, raids, trials, pvp,, titan, hunter, warlock., sherpa


year 1 veteran, maximum effort, weekly challenge, raider, sherpa, earlybird


Lox N Bagels

pve, pvp, trials

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Prime Shadows

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