U like to kill, I like to kill........wait we should kill together!?!?

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xbox one, hunter, microphone, profanity ok

pve, profanity ok, not a student or parent

Lost Angel

le monarque, whisper of the worm, sleeper simulant, legend of acrius, prestige, profanity ok


hunter main, profanity expected, pve, parent


titan, xboxone, warlock, hunter, pc

raid rookie, sunsinger, profanity guaranteed, xbox one, warlock, profanity ok

Phoenix Audubon

pve, warlock, titan, hunter, microphone, xbox one

Pooka not a roo

hunter, warlock, casual gamer, pvp/pve, year one

english (uk), casual gamer, parent, warlock, pvp novice

SeamusOSully SG

raid runner, pve, parent, pc, profanity ok, pvp