I think its safe to assume I am not a zombie. My player name is iamoniwaban or better known as oni, and sometimes waban. i am Canadian eh! I play to have fun, yet I get things done. I have been playing destiny since the beta and love every minute of it. the division is definitely going to take over my life as well.

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sherpa, mic, ps4, xb1

warlock, hunter, titan


ps4, microphone, all hm raids

parent, canadian, cusser (sorry), nightstalker, exotic-dancer, optimist

enjoy playing with fellow dads online, feel free to add me as a friend, hunter level 32


hunter, warlock, titan


sherpa, titan, hunter, warlock, low kd ratio, xbox

warlock, hunter, ps4, titan, pve

ps4, titan, warlock, hunter.

xbone, ps4