Hello there. my name is Randy(look it up, funny name) thats why psn is The-Randy-Man. I like to play with a really chill group, and by chill I mean not putting anyone down. Everyone is human so we all have our off days. I am a parent, I have two boys and a little lady, you most likely will hear them. Other than that lets get out there and shoot some shit.

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raider, pve, warlock

parent, ps4, microphone, warlock


titan, hunter, warlock, microphone, raider


titan, warlock, hunter, willing to help, pve


pve, pvp, microphone

profanity ok, microphone, raid rookie, pvp, pve, titan

sherpa, ps4, mic, hunter main

parent, titan, ps4

pvp, pve, no profanity, parent, mic