Love playing PvE and PvP. No my way in raids and can sherpa others if need be. I don't care if your old, young, male, female I'll help you out if you need me to. Usually play at least one raid in the week and trials during the weekend. Been a Hunter since day one and it will always be my main even though I have to declare my love to striker titans ;). Favorite class has always been bladedancer (Wish they had shadestep) and hopefully they will reign supreme again! One more thing, since I have no life I also have a second account Arrow0nfire which you can add as well if you want to :)

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bad devotious

needy dave, rekt, flawless, unbroken, parent

hunter, warlock, titan, legend, sherpa

BraveSir Paul

profanity ok, pve, titan lover, parent, aussie

all the things


ps4, relic runner, all classes represent, nightfall, raider, microphone


xbox one, titan, weekly challenges, total chump, no skillz whatsoever


mida love is the only love, rip death from above, i get better loot than dreamer, strikerlife, up for anything, having fun and shooting aliens since 2014

pve, xbox one, destiny


nightmare727b, loot queen, quests, nightfalls, weeklys, strikes

titan 335, poe, weekly challenges, raider, xbox one, parent